Sometimes, when we made some music, people wrote some words about it. Here are some links to a few selected reviews, premiers and articles about The Infinite Three’s music. We’ll add some scans from printed publications to this archive soon.

Treblezine premiered and wrote about the single, Emission.

“This week, UK trio The Infinite Three release their new album Lucky Beast, via Actual Size. It’s the band’s third album, and has a dark post-punk sound that nods to noise rock innovators such as Swans and Killing Joke. Today, we’re premiering a brand new track from the album, titled Emission.” Read more here…

Spill Magazine wrote some words about the Foam EP.

“The Infinite Three release a new EP entitled Foam on Friday April 27th. Foam is the sister EP to last December’s Innocence, assembled from the same wreckage of hours of improvised recording sessions and continuing in the same adventurous vein as its predecessor. Like its sibling, Foam stretches The Infinite Three’s sonic limbs into contradictory realms of noise-rock, drone, post-punk, dub and disco. Grounded in repetition and soaked in psychedelic melody.”

Louder Sound / Prog Magazine wrote a review of the Foam EP.

“The Infinite Three have been making strange sounds for nearly 10 years, but Innocence – the first of two new EPs – showcases a more experimental and ambitious edge compared to the post punk/noise rock vibes of their 2016 album Lucky Beast. Born from an improvised recording session, this four- track sees the trio dabble in twisted rhythms, off-kilter beats and meandering melodies with bursts of distortion.” Read more here…

Fuzzy Sun Blog reviewed the title track from the final album Ascension Zone.

“The London experimental trio The Infinite Three are getting ready to release their fifth studio album wich will be completely instrumental. This beast will be called ‘Ascension Zone’. The Infinite tree is made of ex-members of Cindytalk, God and Leisur Hive. With their background in noise, noiserock, dub, drone and metal they create their very own varied sound. Their new album ‘Ascension Zone’ is out 3rd May on Actual Size Music. The first released track with the same name as the album is a brilliant mix between drone, noise and soundscapes. A gorgeous first track which makes me longing to here more from them. Tune in and now and play loud.

Here is the press release from the 2016 album, Lucky Beast, written by our esteemed publicist Dave Clifford.

“London, England trio The Infinite Three are streaming their third full length Lucky Beast today, following a trio of premieres this week. The album continues to develop the band’s infectious and powerful hybrid of post-punk, drone and proto-industrial rock hearkening to early Killing Joke, 90s-era SWANS, Cop Shoot Cop, NIN, et al.” Read more here…

Michelitsch et al wrote about the retarded potentials of inhomogeneous ellipsoids and sources of arbitrary shapes in the three-dimensional infinite space.

We analyze the infinite space solutions of the three-dimensional inhomogeneous wave equation (the ‘retarded potentials’ or ‘causal propagators’) for ellipsoidal sources and for sources of arbitrary shapes. The ‘short-time characteristics’ of the retarded potential for a spatially inhomogeneous source density of δ-shaped time profile is considered. It is found that, the short-time characteristics is governed by the spatial inhomogeneity of the source density in the immediate vicinity of a spacepoint.” Read more here…