The Infinite Three were a band from London founded by Daniel Knowler, with Samuel Mclaughlin, Robert Allen and Paul Middleton. They made songs grounded in repetition, informed by improvisation, and soaked in monochrome psychedelia. Read more about their history here. Listen to the entire discography here.

“A luminescent egg. The opposite of cruelty. May the way out be as sweet as the way in.”


The Infinite Three was formed in 2009 by guitarist and vocalist Daniel Knowler and drummer Robert Allen, both previously members of the post-punk band Leisur Hive. Bassist Samuel Mclaughlin joined shortly after the recording of the debut album Crust Of Utopia. Samuel had previously worked with Daniel in The United Kingdom (along with Orrin Hare and Nathalie Hynde). This line-up performed several shows in London and York and recorded the Rattle Belly EP in 2012.

Robert Allen left the band later that year. Daniel had previously toured with Cindytalk, and so recruited Cindytalk drummer Paul Middleton to replace Robert. This line-up of Daniel Knowler, Sam Maclaughlin and Paul Middleton would become the core of The Infinite Three for the remainder of the band’s existence.

They toured the UK three times, curated the live concert series Club Geoff, and recorded the albums Songs Of The Breather (2014), Lucky Beast (2016), Innocence / Foam (2017) and Ascension Zone (2019) as well as numerous singles, EPs and a couple of live albums.

From 2010 onwards, The Infinite Three began a ten-year song-cycle, The Winter Solstice recordings. Read (and listen) more about that, here.

Paul Middleton died in 2019. We dedicate this archival website to his memory. Samuel and Daniel continued to make music as The Shining Tongues (with Willie Nash, Robin Jax and others) and you are welcome to follow us on this ongoing journey here.